GIT 230 Final Project: Poster



Project 2

The goal of project 2 was to create a Andy Warhol style portrait. Me being a proud cosplayer, decided to use one of the pics of my latest costume Lucas Bishop from X-Men, as the subject of this project. 



Here’s my most recent assignment. The goal was to take a gnome, resize it, color, and place it in a different environment  Me, being a huge anime fan, placed my gnome on the shoulder of a real size replica of one of the giant mobile suits from the Gundam series.



Hello one and all, my name is Johnny Carwell JR and this is my blog for GIT 230: Digital Illustration in Publishing. On here I will be posting the projects I will be doing in class, in addition posting things related to my class as well as artistic interests. Hopefully I will be more consistent with this blog than I have with the other ones I’ve done in the past.